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Seven Bridges Platform Integration with SolveBio

Yesterday we announced the integration of the Seven Bridges Platform for cloud-based biomedical data analysis with SolveBio. This integration enables biotech and pharmaceutical researchers to seamlessly transition from the analysis of large NGS datasets to clinical analysis and interpretation, speeding the progress of their precision medicine initiatives. The integration is available …

Written by Nick

Seven Bridges and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

Seven Bridges is an early adopter and strong supporter of the EU-US Privacy Shield, a framework in which US companies pledge to adhere to EU standards of data protection. Privacy Shield, designed by the US Department of Commerce and the European Commission, allows companies to comply with EU data protection requirements …

Written by Nick

Launching the next DREAM Challenge on the Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud

The explosion in biomedical data requires ongoing development of analysis methods and community standards. A proven way of driving innovation is through Challenges—competitions to develop crowdsourced methods to answer specific scientific questions. These challenges offer unique opportunities for academic and commercial communities to advance science by developing precise algorithms and …

Written by Nick

What happens when I run a task?

Each time you run a tool or a workflow on the Seven Bridges Platform, you create a task. The task goes through several different phases before it is finally completed. A change in its status, displayed in the upper left corner of the task page, marks off each phase, as …

Written by Aleksandar Gazibara

Customizing your tasks on the Seven Bridges Platform

This blog post provides an overview of how hints can be used to customize tasks on the Seven Bridges Platform. In the context of the Platform, “hints” are parameters that allow you to configure or override some of the predefined ways in which apps and tasks work. Specifically, hints can be …

Written by Marko Marinkovic

Festival of Genomics Boston: Tumor heterogeneity and single cell tracks

Among other very interesting tracks on genomics, Festival of Genomics Boston this year included a track dedicated to Tumor Heterogeneity, which is one of the most intriguing aspects of tumor biology. In a separate track, Single Cell Genomics and the technologies and approaches for investigating it were discussed. I followed …

Written by Andrew Gruen

The Data Browser has a new look!

Representing more than 11,000 patients, each analyzed across multiple molecular dimensions, The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) represents an incredibly rich data resource. However, navigating this landscape to find exactly the data that is most interesting can be challenging – particularly when information is spread across multiple sources. To address this …

Written by Kate Hodesdon

High school cancer genomics

It requires a lot of collaboration. Cancer will not be solved by one lone scientist in his lab, it will be solved by a group effort of many scientists and a platform for collaboration is necessary —Jamie Gray Last week Seven Bridges Program Manager Jack DiGiovanna went back to school, to …

Written by Nick

Kevin Litchfield: using whole exome sequencing in testicular cancer

Each week our London office holds Seven Bridges Fridays, where we invite speakers from academia and industry to discuss their work over beer and snacks. Our recent presenter was a mathematician turned bioinformatician who worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 8 years. Kevin Litchfield is now finishing his PhD in Molecular Biology …

Written by Nick

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