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Festival of Genomics London — day 1

Yesterday the Seven Bridges team were among the hundreds of delegates who braved the Docklands chill to attend day one of the Festival of Genomics London. The Festival is the home leg of the series operated by Front Line Genomics, the London-based events–publisher focused on delivering genomics to health care. The festival …

Written by Nick

Hello, SFO!

In the midst of a busy week for biotechnology in San Francisco — we’re looking at you JP Morgan attendees! — we’ve just opened our fourth office right in the center of town. We’re incredibly excited to be working at the heart of this wonderful city, with a rich history …

Written by Andrew Gruen

Matt Might: Genetic testing and ‘crowdscreening’ enabling precision medicine, faster research

At the intersection of Big Data, online communities, genomics and precision medicine, you’ll find Matt Might, a professor of computer science, who has taken a leading role advocating for patients with undiagnosed or rare diseases. Advances in genetic testing are revealing crucial details about these patients. One of them is his …

Written by Edward Hancock

Welcome to the Cancer Genomics Cloud

Welcome to the Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud. Early access for researchers starts today. The CGC helps scientists by hosting one of the world’s largest genomic datasets — The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) — together with the analytical tools and computational resources needed to analyze it, on a secure, cloud-based …

Written by Brandi

Festival of Genomics – See you in San Mateo

The Seven Bridges team is headed to the Festival of Genomics in California Nov 3-5. If you’re participating, here are a few items from our To Do List and the festival week at a glance: Portable BioInformatics Workflows Workshop 9am Tues, Nov 3 – Gaurav Kaushik kicks off a workshop …

Written by Edward Hancock

EU Safe Harbor Decision – Data Transfer Compliance Unchanged

A decision by the European Court of Justice on October 6th determined that the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor program provides inadequate protection for the transfer of European Union data subjects’ personal data to the United States. We take these issues extremely seriously at Seven Bridges. On behalf of clients, we monitor …

Written by Edward Hancock

Postcard from ASHG 2015

Predictions are a risky business. Advances in genome and genetic research – and some implications – were on display at this year’s American Society of Human Genetics conference (#ASHG15) with insights into the genome-based future of research and medicine. The Baltimore gathering showed how the massive volume of genome sequencing …

Written by Edward Hancock

From ASHG 2015, Dr. Wan-Ping Lee on a better read mapping graph

Last call #ASHG15. If bioinformatics and a better graph-based genome is your area of interest, you’ll want to meet Dr. Wan-Ping Lee of Seven Bridges Genomics at 3pm Friday 10/9 in Room 316. Here’s a brief introduction: Current short-read mapping algorithms utilize species-specific genome reference sequences to align reads from …

Written by Edward Hancock

The 40-Year-Old Algorithm

Talk about job security. . . after 40 years, mathematicians have concluded that they cannot improve on the industry-standard algorithm used to compute the “edit distance” in analyzing long sets of digits or data. Decades of testing and analysis showed this to be a math problem with no solution, according …

Written by Edward Hancock

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