Accelerate scientific discovery

We enable end-to-end biomedical data analyses for drug discovery and clinical research.

Deploy Seven Bridges to:

  • Connect internal and public datasets to accelerate research and development
  • Analyze NGS and clinical data quickly and at scale with advanced workflows and algorithms
  • Accelerate development cycles with immediate access to scalable and secure computation


Complex computational biology solutions

Work with Seven Bridges to enhance your research programs and solve complex multi-omic compbio challenges:

  • Expand NGS capabilities via immediate access to trusted workflows for metagenomics, CRISPR, RNA-seq and more
  • Edit existing workflows and add tools to customize or augment individual methods
  • Scale analyses and reproduce computation across geographies and environments to replicate results and accelerate regulatory approval


Bring NGS-based healthcare products to the market faster

Engaging Seven Bridges is the quickest way to grow your bioinformatics capability and capacity, increasing speed to market:

  • Enable more accurate diagnostics based on NGS information to guide treatment decisions and predict the risk of disease progression
  • Personalize therapies based on patients’ molecular disease characteristics, such as neoantigen profiles for cancer immunotherapies
  • Orchestrate more robust clinical trials and submit the underlying bioinformatic workflows for regulatory approval