Seven Bridges ARIATM

Genomic and Phenotypic Analysis at the 1M+ Participant Scale

Today’s Science. Tomorrow’s Medicine. 

Across the world, numerous initiatives are currently underway to collect massive repositories of genomic and phenotypic data. These data have the potential to reveal transformative insights into the underpinnings of disease, novel therapeutic approaches and in silico disease models.

Seven Bridges ARIATM will offer researchers a centralized solution for genomic and phenotypic analysis at scale. The unprecedented scalability of the solution enables users to run their workflows against the system, removing the need to work with untenable file types due to data volume. 

Seven Bridges ARIATM will be comprised of three core components in order to minimize time to insight, enable scalability and offer customization requirements based on a client’s needs. The three core components will be: 

  1. Phenotype information will be stored in a flexible and dynamic manner, allowing rapid exploration and selection of cohorts based on complex, compound variables. A suite of ETL processes allows ready data ingestion and semi-automated data harmonization across different studies.
  2. A variant data warehouse with a standard schema allows performant queries of Whole Genome data at scale to support aggregated visualizations and reports, direct programmatic interaction, and export to standard formats for further analysis. Schema standardization lays the groundwork for interoperability of genomic data housed in diverse geographical regions or between multiple entities. Importantly, individual-level permissions ensure strict data access compliance and dynamic scaling provides cost control. 
  3. A robust framework for interpreting and integrating genetic variation in the context of 100’s of annotation sources, including the possibility to incorporate custom annotations and biological knowledge to refine hypotheses.

In addition to enabling bioinformaticians to rapidly build complex models and deep analytics, ARIATM will provide the ability to develop rich visualizations to help both data analysts and domain experts collaborate to uncover the potential of massive, multidimensional data housed across geographies.

Figure 1. An interconnected approach to leverage diverse data modalities. 

ARIATM will open a new era of precision medicine. Let’s make an impact together. Contact us today to get started.