Seven Bridges RHEOTM

Develop and Execute Custom
Automation Scripts Directly
within the Seven Bridges

With Seven Bridges RHEO™, you can streamline analysis workflows by minimizing the number of manual steps required to set up, run, and conclude an analysis. The pre-built applications will help you build custom tools or automate an entire workflow—all while maintaining data integrity through extensive tracking and provenance, ensuring long-term reproducibility.

Scripts written with the Python Automation Development Kit (ADK) automatically gain concurrency, dependency management, memoization, retries, execution logs, and much more, enabling developers to focus on business logic and ultimately, reduce their lines of code by up to 80%. Within the same environment, end-users are now able to process complex analysis workflows with the push of a button, share results instantly, and achieve total reproducibility.

A Suite of Offerings

The Seven Bridges RHEO™ product suite consists of the following:

RHEO™ Automation Development Kit (ADK)
Python libraries are used to accelerate automation script development. Automation scripts written with the ADK are also deployable and executable on the Seven Bridges Platform.

RHEO™ Command Line Interface (CLI)
An extension to the Seven Bridges CLI helps you manage, start, and monitor automations on the Seven Bridges Platform.

RHEO™ Application Programming Interface (API)
REST API gives programmatic access to automation services.

RHEO™ Visual Interface (GUI)
The intuitive interface helps you manage, start, and monitor automations. The automation start page is automatically generated from the automation code, without requiring any additional work from the automation developer. 

Developer benefits

  • Write automation scripts in an already familiar programming language (Python) instead of learning another domain-specific language (DSL)
  • Reduce the number of lines of code by up to 80%
      • ADK takes care of concurrency, dependency management, memoization, retries, execution logs, and much more
    • Gain access to a growing library of predefined automation steps to perform frequent operations on the Seven Bridges Platform
  • Speed up test and development cycles by developing locally within your favorite integrated development environment (IDE) and using your favorite version control system
  • Deploy and manage automations with CLI or API and completely automate your DevOps process

End-user benefits

  • Start automations on the Seven Bridges Platform at the push of a button. There is no need to manually create projects, import files, set metadata, set up apps, or export results
  • See your execution history and quickly rerun with changed inputs, different versions, or after errors
  • Get all the benefits of the Seven Bridges Platform, including installation-free use, instant sharing of results, collaborative debugging, comprehensive audit logs, and 100% reproducibility


While Common Workflow Language (CWL) is used for describing workflows in an environment-agnostic and portable way, the main goal of RHEO™ is to either simplify use or completely automate CWL workflows by integrating them into your custom environment. ADK scripts written for that purpose can be deployed and run on the Seven Bridges Platform, just like regular CWL workflows.

To learn more about how to streamline data analysis, visit our documentation.