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As scientists, we don’t just want to encourage data sharing — we want to measure it

There is a lot of talk of incentivizing data sharing in science, but which practices in particular do we want to encourage? At Seven Bridges, we have been thinking of how to design a metric that tracks the kinds of data sharing that most benefit science. Simply being a prolific sharer is useless if …

Written by Kate Hodesdon

Open Access Publishing Fees Are Reimbursed on the Platform

Just a quick note about something we expect many of our customers will appreciate: Seven Bridges now covers the open access publishing fees for any research paper that results from work done on our platform. As Deniz Kural, our CEO, put it: “We want to do everything possible to accelerate …

Written by Kate Hodesdon

Docker industry leaders unite to create an open specification for containers

I was happy to learn of the Open Container Project (OCP), announced yesterday. Docker, CoreOS, AWS and other major developers of containerzation technology will work together to create a single, open specification for containers that is not dependent on any particular architecture. While Docker has served us well in the development of our SDK, I’m looking forward to …

Written by Boysha

Docker-based solutions to reproducibility in science

Seven Bridges Genomics is launching a toolkit for creating fully portable bioinformatics workflows, based on Docker and the Common Workflow Language. With high-profile cases of data fabrication recently in the news, the New York Times asks how journal referees can detect fraudulent results in submitted articles when they are rarely …

Written by Kate Hodesdon

Building a Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot

We are delighted to announce that we were recently selected to participate in the Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilots project funded by the National Cancer Institute. The goal of this 24 month project is to democratize and speed cancer research by enabling all researchers to leverage cloud-computing technologies to interrogate petabyte-scale …

Written by brandi

On our way to ASHG!

Today, 10 excited members of the SGB team are on their way to (hopefully) sunny San Diego for this year’s American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) meeting. With so many great presentations and sessions scheduled, it is sure to be a fantastic year for science at ASHG. It might be …

Written by zeynep

Join us at Beyond the Genome 2014!!

We are looking forward to seeing you at this year’s Beyond the Genome conference at Harvard Medical School from October 8-10! Attending Beyond the Genome is always a highlight for us, but this year we are particularly excited to share news about our efforts supporting cancer genomics research in the cloud. …

Written by brandi

Gibbon genome reveals new insights into mechanisms of primate chromosomal evolution

The gibbon now joins the ranks of nearly 100 mammals with genome assemblies deposited into NCBI’s genome database. – Gracing the cover of today’s issue of Nature, the sequencing and initial analysis of the gibbon genome represents a continuation of efforts, directed by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), to sequence …

Written by Devin

Developing an open standard for reproducible genomics pipelines

July was an exciting month for Seven Bridges Software Engineer Boysha Tijanic, who traveled from our Belgrade, Serbia office to give a presentation at ISMB 2014. In his talk, Boysha discussed the importance of transparency and thoroughness when it comes to sharing data and highlighted the complexity of bioinformatic workflows …

Written by carol

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