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Simons Genome Diversity Project now available on the Platform and CGC

Patrick Grady

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We’ve just announced the availability of the Simons Genome Diversity Project (SGDP) dataset on our Platform and Cancer Genomics Cloud. In keeping with Seven Bridges’ mission to colocalize data and analysis tools on the cloud, anyone with an internet connection can now explore SGDP’s 35TB of data. One way to

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Festival of Genomics: Reflecting on graph genomes


Graph Genome, Science

Yesterday at Festival of Genomics, London, Seven Bridges CEO Deniz Kural joined a panel discussing implementations of graph genomes, alongside Erik Garrison from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Andy Yates from EMBL-EBI. Great panel talking about #graph #genomes at #GenomicsFest @erikgarrison @denizkural Andrew Yates @FLGenomics — Adrian Alexa

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Bioinformatics applications in cancer immunotherapy

Jessica Lau


An emerging characteristic, or hallmark, of cancer cells is their ability to evade destruction by the immune system. While immune surveillance plays a role in controlling tumorigenesis and tumor progression, cancer cells can in turn disable the immune system by secreting immunosuppressive factors or recruiting immunosuppressive cells. Because of this

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The race for a revolutionary new cancer diagnosis tool: The Blood Profiling Atlas in Cancer

Patrick Grady

Blood Profiling, Cancer Moonshot, Science, Useful Data

A revolutionary approach to cancer diagnosis Liquid biopsy, a new technique for tracking down fragments of tumor DNA in the blood, has the potential to revolutionize how cancer is diagnosed and treated. At next week’s Precision Medicine World Congress, Seven Bridges’ Bruce Press will lead the “Update on the Cancer

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Making efficient use of your compute resources

Andrea Szollossi


The non-trivial matter of optimising compute resources available for your analysis is brought into the spotlight. We discuss when you might benefit from optimising the compute resources available for your analysis as well as how you can achieve this on the Seven Bridges Platform. Examples of effective management of large

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Price reductions on AWS mean reduced billing for users


Product News

As a provider of cloud-based biomedical data analysis services, we are aware that our users compare the long-term storage costs of cloud computing relative to local storage. Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced price reductions for both S3 and Glacier cloud storage. Seven Bridges passes through cloud computing and storage

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