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Unlocking BioCompute Objects: Velsera’s Commitment to Interoperability and Regulatory Excellence

At Velsera, we’re passionate about paving the way for the future of bioinformatics and regulatory excellence. We collaborated with the BioCompute Object (BCO) community to develop the BCO standard for communicating complex Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows for regulatory review and developed an award-winning app that generates BCOs from complex …

Written by Biran Lassiter

Making the Impossible, Possible: Harnessing the Cloud to Uncover Rare Somatic Variations in Cancer Patients

Limited by computational resources, the Khiabanian lab at Rutgers needed a breakthrough.   The lab was looking at rare changes in blood cells linked to a condition called CHIP (clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential). This condition has been associated with certain types of treatment-induced cancers as well as resistance to cancer …

Written by Cera Fisher

Advancing Multi-omics Analysis by Co-localizing Data, Workflows, and Computation

The power – and increasing cost-effectiveness – of ‘omic technologies has provided groundbreaking insights into the underpinnings of biology and has revolutionized the process of target and drug discovery.  A method like transcriptomics can provide a snapshot of genetic activity under certain conditions while proteomics can tell us which of …

Written by Jeffrey Brabec, PhD

Unlocking Insights: Accelerating Precision Medicine with Multi-Omics and Collaborative Platforms

I have long been fascinated with data’s power to drive new insights, including developing a deeper understanding of human physiology/pathophysiology, informing decision-making, and guiding the development of new treatment options. Often novel complex analysis methods are linked to specialized visualizations to drive the development and use of these insights. My …

Written by Dennis A. Dean, II, PhD

Teaching Introduction to Bioinformatics on the Cancer Genomics Cloud

Velsera is deeply committed to enabling precision medicine not only through accelerating discoveries but also through training the next generation of scientists. With the rapid increase of multi-omics data availability and the increasing need for analysis of the publicly available resources, it is of paramount importance that young scientists include …

Written by Cera Fisher

Unleashing the Power of Multi-Modal Data: Pioneering Precision Medicine in the Digital Age

In recent years, precision medicine has witnessed remarkable progress, thanks to multi-omics and multi-modal data integration.[1,2] This holds immense potential for advancing healthcare in various domains, such as risk target identification, trial design, diagnostic analytics, population health analysis, lab automation, and clinical decision support[3,4,5]. Whether you are part of industry, …

Written by Dennis A. Dean, II, PhD

Advancing Alzheimer’s Treatment and Inclusive Research

This month represented an important step forward in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with Eli Lilly announcing the successful results of their phase III clinical trials for their monocolonal antibody (mAB) donanemab. In addition to decreasing the overall amyloid burden, patients on the drug showed slowed disease progression and sustained …

Written by Jeffrey Brabec, Nick Legendre

Highly Customizable Multi-sample Single Cell RNA-Seq Pipeline on the CGC

“To study human biology, we must know our cells!”  – this is a quote from a paper published a couple of years back [1], where authors of the paper presented early-stage ideas and proofs-of-concept behind The Human Cell Atlas Project, an international collaborative effort aiming to define all human cell …

Written by Nevena Vukojičić, Aleksandar Daničić, Cera Fisher

Meeting the NIH Data Management and Sharing (DMS) policy requirements with community-focused cloud platforms

The Velsera suite of NIH-funded platforms including Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC), BioData Catalyst Powered by Seven Bridges (BDC-Seven Bridges) and CAVATICA provide secure, interoperable and scalable biomedical data analysis solutions for governments, universities, institutions, and research consortia. The platforms enable a shared research environment that empower the users to bring …

Written by Surya Saha, Michele Mattioni, Jared Rozowsky, Zélia Worman

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