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SBG Goes Ion Torrent

Update Feb 19, 2014: Our original Hermes uploader is now obsolete and has been replaced by a new plugin for Torrent Suite 4.x, Seven Bridges for Ion v2.0. To download the new plugin and updated user documentation, please visit our Ion homepage at Seven Bridges for Ion v2.0 will …

Written by zoran

Coding with DNA

This guy is awesome. He’s coding 3-dimensional shapes with DNA. And substantiates my claim that coding is magic.

Written by Kate Blair

John Sheffield wants you to join the genomic revolution

John Sheffield explains how the open sharing of data is the next step in the genomics revolution. About John : John Sheffield is co-founder and president of Seven Bridges Genomics, which aims to harness open-source innovation to make genomics analysis accessible, repeatable, and sharable across the scientific community. John began …

Written by brandi

The currency of academia under fire

Publishing results in peer-reviewed journals is the main currency of academic success today.  This Guardian article explains why.  It also highlights the shift towards open access publishing that seems to be afoot. Award-winning Cambridge mathematician declares he will no longer publish with or review for Elsevier journals. Wellcome Trust (English equivalent of …

Written by Kate Blair

Upside Down

Some people are doing what we’re doing in reverse: coding new genomes from scratch. They’re taking out all the natural complexity that our pipelines are built to sort through and are coding “grokkable” genomes that: Read in one direction Are non-overlapping Are as simple as possible Here’s a lovely article about this …

Written by Kate Blair

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