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SBG Goes Ion Torrent

Update Feb 19, 2014: Our original Hermes uploader is now obsolete and has been replaced by a new plugin for Torrent Suite 4.x, Seven Bridges for Ion v2.0. To download the new plugin and updated user documentation, please visit our Ion homepage at Seven Bridges for Ion v2.0 will also be available from the Ion Community in the near future.




We are happy to announce the immediate availability of our uploading client, SBG Hermes, for Life Technologies’ Ion Torrent line of sequencers.

SBG Hermes is Seven Bridges Genomics’ principal solution for uploading your genome data sets in a secure and robust fashion directly onto your account on our processing & discovery platform, Seven Bridges Platform. SBG Hermes for Ion Torrent is compatible with both Ion PGM and Ion Proton sequencers.  It installs and operates on the computer running Torrent Suite, which gives it direct access to the results of your analysis.


SBG Hermes notifies you about the status of your uploads in the Plugin Summary panel shown with the results of the analysis.

At SBG, we are conscious of the fact that genomics files are much more than just files; they are parts of a project, and they exist in a certain context which renders them usable.  We reflect this through the use of genomics metadata throughout our platform.  Ion Torrent sequencers provide a rich set of metadata to more closely describe the resulting files.  Hermes will use this metadata to tag your files as they are uploaded: file type, sample ID, any notes that you have entered and other relevant information, will be copied without any need for your intervention, so that you can seamlessly continue your workflow on IGOR.


The metadata from your Ion Torrent sequencer is automatically transferred to Seven Bridges Platform.

SBG Hermes is easy to install and use.  Just visit its page on Torrent Browser Plugin Store and follow the simple installation steps therein.

SBG Hermes’s entry page on the Torrent Browser Plugin Store

Once installed, make sure to enter your Seven Bridges Platform username and password in the configuration dialog.  (If you don’t have an account on Seven Bridges Platform, you can create one for free.) The plugin can run in automatic or manual mode and lets you choose which files should be uploaded to Seven Bridges Platform.


Configuration dialog

More information about installing and using SBG Hermes can be found in our user guide and technical information (also available on the plugin store page).

We wish you many groundbreaking discoveries using Ion Torrent, SBG Hermes and Seven Bridges Platform!