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Open Access Publishing Fees Are Reimbursed on the Platform

Just a quick note about something we expect many of our customers will appreciate: Seven Bridges now covers the open access publishing fees for any research paper that results from work done on our platform. As Deniz Kural, our CEO, put it: “We want to do everything possible to accelerate …

Written by Kate Hodesdon

Docker industry leaders unite to create an open specification for containers

I was happy to learn of the Open Container Project (OCP), announced yesterday. Docker, CoreOS, AWS and other major developers of containerzation technology will work together to create a single, open specification for containers that is not dependent on any particular architecture. While Docker has served us well in the development of our SDK, I’m looking forward to …

Written by Boysha

Seven Bridges Platform wins BioIT World Best of Show

We’ve been working pretty hard over the past few years to build a tool for next generation sequence data analysis that we love. So we were very pleased to see Seven Bridges Platform win Best of Show in the Informatics Data & Tools division at BioIT World 2013. Seven Bridges …

Written by Kate Blair

Visualizing exome coverage depth

The coverage of a base pair in a sequencing run is the number of times that it was sequenced. We usually estimate coverage in an intuitive way: by comparing the total amount of measurement to the total amount of stuff to be measured. Dividing the total length of the reads …

Written by Nate

AWS Global Start-Up Challenge Semi Finals

It is official: we are in the semi-finals. With competitors ranging from business applications to gaming to big data and high-performance computing, we are proud to be among such great company!

Written by Nate

SBG Goes Ion Torrent

Update Feb 19, 2014: Our original Hermes uploader is now obsolete and has been replaced by a new plugin for Torrent Suite 4.x, Seven Bridges for Ion v2.0. To download the new plugin and updated user documentation, please visit our Ion homepage at Seven Bridges for Ion v2.0 will …

Written by zoran

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