Docker industry leaders unite to create an open specification for containers

Product News

I was happy to learn of the Open Container Project (OCP), announced yesterday. Docker, CoreOS, AWS and other major developers of containerzation technology will work together to create a single, open specification for containers that is not dependent on any particular architecture. While Docker has served us well in the development of our SDK, I’m looking forward to seeing what the OCP will look like — and it should help our efforts to make sharing pipelines easier.

docker_logo[M]ost importantly, this is the right thing for users. They can fully commit to Docker, CoreOS or other great technologies today without worrying that their current choice of any particular infrastructure, cloud provider, devops tool, etc. will lock them into any technology vendor for the long run. […] To use an old analogy, why argue about the width of train tracks, when you can worry about laying track and building the best possible engines?

From Docker’s blog