Seven Bridges Platform wins BioIT World Best of Show

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Seven Bridges Platform wins BioIT World Best of Show

Bio-IT Best of Show

We’ve been working pretty hard over the past few years to build a tool for next generation sequence data analysis that we love. So we were very pleased to see Seven Bridges Platform win Best of Show in the Informatics Data & Tools division at BioIT World 2013.

Seven Bridges Platform, our cloud based platform for NGS analysis, has grown a lot since he made his debut in December 2011. We’ve challenged him with our own research, stretched him with collaborators projects, and watched with excitement as researchers have found Seven Bridges Platform and put him through the paces on their own.

The big data deluge has spawned a great deal of creativity from researchers and developers in academia and industry. And it was exciting to see how different groups are approaching the problem, with focuses ranging from data management, to computation, to visualization and complete workflows. We’re excited to be part of it all and can’t wait to see what 2014 brings.