Visualizing multiomics data with the OmicCircos app on CGC

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Visualizing multiomics data with the OmicCircos app on CGC

Seven Bridges (Velsera) is excited to announce the launch of the OmicCircos R shiny app on the Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC) platform. The OmicCircos app has been developed in collaboration with the Dr. Daoud Meerzaman laboratory at the NCI, developers of the R Bioconductor OmicCircos package.

The R shiny application enables researchers to generate high-quality circular plots for visualizing variations in multidimensional omics data. The data can be gene or chromosome position-based values from mutation, copy number, expression, and methylation analyses. Since this app doesn’t need to be run from within Data Studio, it is especially useful for the researchers that have little to no programming experience and thus are not comfortable using the R bioconductor package.

This application is capable of displaying variations in scatterplots, lines, and text labels. The relationships between genomic features can be presented in the forms of polygons and curves. By utilizing the statistical and graphic functions in the R/Bioconductor environment, OmicCircos is also able to draw boxplots, histograms, and heatmaps from multiple sample data. Each track is drawn independently, which allows the user to optimize the track quickly and easily.

To use the OmicCircos application on CGC the platform, follow the steps detailed here: