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Release note

SB CLI now accepts automation start parameters as YML or JSON file

Starting from SB CLI version 0.18.0, arguments necessary for initiating a new automation run via the automations CLI can come from inside a user-provided YML or JSON file. 

This allows you to maintain automation parameters inside well organized and annotated file templates, instead of providing all arguments (in particular automation inputs, settings, and secret settings) in the form of a long, opaque command line string that is difficult to read and write.

When starting a new automation, you would first need to modify the local YML/JSON file and then provide the file path as an argument to the sb automations start command. Read more on the Manage via CLI RHEO documentation page.

GDC Datasets version update

As of May 27, GDC datasets available through the Data Browser and the API correspond to GDC Data Release 29.0.