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Release note

New Command-line Uploader released

The new Command-line (CLI) Uploader, just released as part of the existing Seven Bridges CLI tool, becomes the primary recommended tool for performing large scale uploads to the Seven Bridges Platform. The Uploader is easy to install and use, and is a resilient and performant command line application that provides users with a secure and reliable way of uploading data to the Platform.

The legacy Command line uploader will remain functional until August 2021, before being officially deprecated. Along with the legacy CLI Uploader, Desktop Uploader is also planned to be deprecated in August 2021, as Web Uploader is available through the Platform’s visual interface (since September 2020). Find out more about the new CLI Uploader in our documentation.

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GENESIS Update Null Model for Fast Score Test updates null model file obtained with the GENESIS Null model workflow so that it can be used in the GENESIS Single Variant Association Testing workflow in fast score mode.