Festival of Genomics – See you in San Mateo

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Festival of Genomics – See you in San Mateo

The Seven Bridges team is headed to the Festival of Genomics in California Nov 3-5. If you’re participating, here are a few items from our To Do List and the festival week at a glance:

Portable BioInformatics Workflows Workshop
9am Tues, Nov 3 – Gaurav Kaushik kicks off a workshop for developers and bioinformatics pros to build workflows for maximum portability across platforms and reproducibility.
A hands-on demonstration of Common Workflow Language (CWL), its specifications and a case study from The Cancer Genome Atlas data and Cancer Genomics Cloud pilot project, which launches in January. Try a hands-on pipeline with wrapping tools like CWL and Rabix, using a provided instance of Amazon Web Services during this workshop, courtesy of our very own Nebojsa Tijanic.

National Scale Genomics Projects
1pm Weds, Nov 4 – Sebastian Wernicke, will lead a panel on national scale genomics projects. He is a director of Seven Bridges UK project, working in close collaboration with Genomics England and the 100k Genomes project. Over the past two years, countries, consortia, and companies have launched ambitious projects to participate in an unprecedented data generation at national scales, sequencing hundreds of thousands of whole human genomes. Making sense of this data poses some serious challenges for bioinformatics, infrastructure, and data mining. And these ambitious projects raise questions over ensuring access to the resulting data.

Preparing (for) 1,000,000 Whole Genomes
2pm Weds, Nov 4 – Seven Bridges founder and CEO Deniz Kural joins a panel to examine the prospects and shortcomings of genomic data’s growth. This discussion examines how research should be structured to reach 1 million genomes to ensure completeness, consistency and other Big Data standardization. Then can we agree on the ‘Killer App’ that takes maximum advantage of this newfound information?

The Future of Bioinformatics
2:55pm Thurs, Nov 5 – Join David Glazer, director of engineering Google Genomics, and Igor Bogicevic, CTO at Seven Bridges, for a conversation on the forecast of the next five years in bioinformatics on the cloud.

See you in sunny California.  Stop by our booth (#20) and say hello!