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Matt Might: Genetic testing and ‘crowdscreening’ enabling precision medicine, faster research

At the intersection of Big Data, online communities, genomics and precision medicine, you’ll find Matt Might, a professor of computer science, who has taken a leading role advocating for patients with undiagnosed or rare diseases. Advances in genetic testing are revealing crucial details about these patients. One of them is his …

Written by Edward Hancock

Festival of Genomics – See you in San Mateo

The Seven Bridges team is headed to the Festival of Genomics in California Nov 3-5. If you’re participating, here are a few items from our To Do List and the festival week at a glance: Portable BioInformatics Workflows Workshop 9am Tues, Nov 3 – Gaurav Kaushik kicks off a workshop …

Written by Edward Hancock

From ASHG 2015, Dr. Wan-Ping Lee on a better read mapping graph

Last call #ASHG15. If bioinformatics and a better graph-based genome is your area of interest, you’ll want to meet Dr. Wan-Ping Lee of Seven Bridges Genomics at 3pm Friday 10/9 in Room 316. Here’s a brief introduction: Current short-read mapping algorithms utilize species-specific genome reference sequences to align reads from …

Written by Edward Hancock

Building a Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot

We are delighted to announce that we were recently selected to participate in the Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilots project funded by the National Cancer Institute. The goal of this 24 month project is to democratize and speed cancer research by enabling all researchers to leverage cloud-computing technologies to interrogate petabyte-scale …

Written by brandi

World Economic Forum: Technology Pioneers are Boston Strong

With less than a week until Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey, we’re taking a look at a different meeting of elites. We’re not talking about Peyton Manning, and we’re certainly not talking about Russell Wilson. Instead, we’re focusing our attention on the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, which took …

Written by carol

The GTEx methods debate

This week, a dialogue erupted around the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Consortium and its methods for analyzing RNA-Seq data. Tracking the debate will take you through Twitter threads, into blog posts, down comments sections, past PubMed entries, and over Nature‘s login wall.

Written by Kate Blair

RNA-Seq Interactive Literature Review

RNA-Seq is fast becoming the top method for examining the transcriptional activity of genomes. In the five years since the first publications described the technology, RNA-Seq has enabled the discovery of new transcripts in well-studied genomes, challenged our views of imprinting, offered insights into the biology of cancer, and transformed new …

Written by Kate Blair

Unicorn genome sequence announced

A landmark genome announcement was made by the Equid Sequencing Consortium today. Scientists hope that the new data will explain origins of the horn and help identify key genes that drive horn development. A high-quality draft of unicorn genome was published today and will be submitted to GenBank later this spring.

Written by brandi

AWS Global Start-Up Challenge Semi Finals

It is official: we are in the semi-finals. With competitors ranging from business applications to gaming to big data and high-performance computing, we are proud to be among such great company!

Written by Nate

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