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Festival of Genomics – See you in San Mateo

The Seven Bridges team is headed to the Festival of Genomics in California Nov 3-5. If you’re participating, here are a few items from our To Do List and the festival week at a glance: Portable BioInformatics Workflows Workshop 9am Tues, Nov 3 – Gaurav Kaushik kicks off a workshop …

Written by Edward Hancock

Postcard from ASHG 2015

Predictions are a risky business. Advances in genome and genetic research – and some implications – were on display at this year’s American Society of Human Genetics conference (#ASHG15) with insights into the genome-based future of research and medicine. The Baltimore gathering showed how the massive volume of genome sequencing …

Written by Edward Hancock

The 40-Year-Old Algorithm

Talk about job security. . . after 40 years, mathematicians have concluded that they cannot improve on the industry-standard algorithm used to compute the “edit distance” in analyzing long sets of digits or data. Decades of testing and analysis showed this to be a math problem with no solution, according …

Written by Edward Hancock

As scientists, we don’t just want to encourage data sharing — we want to measure it

There is a lot of talk of incentivizing data sharing in science, but which practices in particular do we want to encourage? At Seven Bridges, we have been thinking of how to design a metric that tracks the kinds of data sharing that most benefit science. Simply being a prolific sharer is useless if …

Written by Kate Hodesdon

Algorithms for Bioinformaticians

One opportunity that comes from working in an infant discipline is that of being able to examine and influence its basic tools. You are more likely to fundamentally improve alignment or assembly than you are to improve the foundations of thermodynamics. And given the state of bioinformatics software, it is …

Written by Nate

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