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Release notes

Disabling of inactive user accounts

As a part of the ongoing effort on maximizing the security of the Seven Bridges Platform, we have started identifying inactive user accounts, which will be temporarily disabled in the upcoming period. This procedure is in line with recommendations and best practices for additional data security and prevention of unauthorized access to the system.

User accounts that will be labelled as inactive are those that haven’t logged in to the Platform or used the API in 90 days. Prior to temporarily disabling inactive accounts, notification emails will be sent out to their owners, inviting them to log in to the Platform if they want to keep their accounts active. Accounts that do get disabled will not be removed and data associated with them will remain on the Platform. They can be re-enabled at any time by emailing our Support Team at

Finally, please note that this process will be continuous. This means that account inactivity will be constantly monitored and the procedure of sending notifications and disabling user accounts will be automatically carried out for any account that reaches the specified period of inactivity.