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Release notes

ImprovementsSimpler deploy of automation code packages

We have updated our Automation Development Kit (ADK) to simplify the process of creating and deploying code packages to the Seven Bridges Platform. 

The new ADK command for creating code package files that are executable on the Seven Bridges platform is called ‘freyja build‘ and is available in Freyja version 0.16.3 or higher. It checks the correctness of your project structure and content before it creates the code package, which helps avoid unnecessary execution failures. The new command also allows you to exclude certain files from the build process (for example config files containing your personal secret settings) and to specify project-external directories to be included in your code package (for example a shared Python library used across different automations). Please refer to the ‘freyja build‘ command synopsis for further details. The old command ‘freyja pack‘ has been deprecated.

Uploading code package files to the Seven Bridges Platform has also become much easier. Instead of first uploading the code package file to a Seven Bridges project that then needs to be linked to the automation, you can now upload code package files directly into the automation vault in a single step. Please refer to the Seven Bridges CLI command ‘sb automations packages create‘ for further details (version 0.12.3 or higher).

A step-by-step tutorial for the new deployment process is available online.

To make use of these new features, please pip-upgrade to the latest version of the ADK and install the newest version of the SB CLI.