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Release note

Rabix Composer v1.0 Release

We’ve released the initial version of Rabix Composer (v1.0), which includes significant improvements over the beta version with respect to the development of CWL 1.0 and sbg:draft-2 applications on your local machine.

For more details about the Rabix Composer v1.0 release, please refer to the latest Rabix release note. Also, keep an eye out for further updates and improvements to this initial release.

Key new features in Rabix Composer v1.0:

  • We have integrated Rabix Executor into the Composer, so you can now develop and test your CWL app through a single user interface.
  • When you edit a tool or workflow on the Seven Bridges Platform, you will see the Edit with Rabix Composer button.
  • Rabix Composer is now also available for Windows.

Set suggested files for workflow inputs

We’ve introduced the option to set files from public projects as suggested for a file input in a workflow. This will allow anyone who runs the workflow to use the suggested files as inputs in a single click, and only have to add the remaining input files manually. Please refer to documentation for more details.