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Release note

Folders on the visual interface

We have introduced support for folders on the Seven Bridges Platform. To complement our existing API functionalities, now you can organize your project files into folders through the Platform’s visual interface, which allows you to have a better overview of your files and manage them more easily. Some of the currently available options related to folders are the ability to copy and move files between folders, use the optional sidebar tree for browsing, search recursively inside the folder structure and use files from folders as task inputs. In the upcoming period we will be working on adding more options to folders, such as the ability to rename a folder, output task results into a folder and many more.

Uploaders have also undergone some changes in order to add folder support. Two major features are introduced:

  • uploading items (files and/or folders) into folders;
  • preserving folder structure when uploading items.

Both of these features are introduced in CLI and Desktop Uploaders.