ZS Associates and Seven Bridges Partner to Innovate Drug Research and Propel Precision Medicine

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ZS Associates and Seven Bridges Partner to Innovate Drug Research and Propel Precision Medicine

BOSTON, May 6, 2021 ZS and Seven Bridges today announced a partnership that will combine ZS’s expertise in biomedical research services and data science with Seven Bridges technology platform enabling multi-omics analytics, spanning the translational to clinical continuum. The combination provides biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with a one-stop solution for innovation and scalability for multi-omics analysis. Together, ZS and Seven Bridges help clients create breakthrough science, accelerate drug discovery and increase the probability of success for new drug candidates.

“Working side by side with our clients to help streamline R&D data and increase speed to market to improve patients’ lives is at the core of what we do within ZS’s research and development efforts,” said Aaron Mitchell, principal and leader of ZS’s research and development excellence practice. “Our partnership with Seven Bridges provides our clients, and ultimately patients, a faster path to new treatments and diagnostics.”

“Drug discovery, translational medicine and preclinical drug development all require analysis at the molecular and genomic level of resolution, and our partnership with Seven Bridges gives our clients a new option for innovation and scalable capacity,” said John Piccone, principal and leader of ZS’s biomedical research service line. “We are building a talent pool of molecular natives with a deep understanding of science, data science and technology to partner with our clients in the identification of new drug targets, selection of drug candidates and to address key challenges in translational medicine. The combination of Seven Bridges platform and experts with ZS consulting teams provides a scalable solution for clients with growing multi-omics data and analytics needs.”

“We are excited to combine the Seven Bridges platform with ZS’s innovative apps for drug discovery and translational medicine. Integrating our multi-omics analysis platform and ARIATM, a centralized solution for molecular and patient-level phenotypic analysis at scale, with their research data lake is a key requirement to fit the unique needs of ZS’s pharmaceutical clients,” said Bruce Press, Chief Revenue Officer at Seven Bridges.

About ZS

ZS is a professional services firm that works side by side with companies to help discover, develop and deliver products that drive customer value and company results. Within its research and development excellence practice, ZS is home to a team of biomedical research experts focused on developing science-led solutions to help biopharma develop programmable biology and precision medicine capabilities.

About Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges enables researchers to extract meaningful insights from genomic and phenotypic data in order to advance precision medicine. The Seven Bridges Ecosystem consists of a compliant analytic platform, intelligently curated content, transformative algorithms, unprecedented access to federated data sets, and expert on-demand professional services. This holistic approach to bioinformatics is enabling researchers — at the world’s leading academic, biotechnology, clinical diagnostic, government, medical centers, and pharmaceutical entities — to increase R&D efficiency, enhance the hypothesis resolution process, isolate critical biomarkers, and even turn a failing clinical trial around while also reducing computational workflow times and data storage costs. To learn more, visit sevenbridges.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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