Seven Bridges Accelerates Biopharmaceutical R&D Innovation

We work with leading biopharmaceutical companies and governments to deliver a platform that harnesses the full power of genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic, and proteomic data to identify biological targets and stratify patients in clinical trials.

Partners choose to work with us because we repeatedly show Seven Bridges to be the fastest, most effective way to create a multi-omic analysis layer across a global organization. Our clients dramatically increase the pace at which they discover, develop and deliver therapies for precision medicine.

Our Platform drives drug discovery and development

The Seven Bridges Platform supports research and development projects at all stages, across diverse therapeutic areas. Clients use Seven Bridges to integrate and analyze their molecular and clinical data assets in order to find and validate targets, discover clinical biomarkers and design personalized therapeutics.

By enabling deep molecular characterization of clinical cohorts, Seven Bridges also supports sophisticated trial stratification and rapid decision. In addition, we use the Platform to develop and deploy advanced bioinformatic workflows for our clients that help them do initial research and then use it to scale delivery into the clinic.

We maximize the returns from your biomedical data

The Seven Bridges Platform knocks down barriers that prevent data from being actionable. We do this by building systems specifically designed for jointly analyzing vast amounts of multi-omic and clinical data. We know that data assets are most powerful when they can be easily analyzed in the context of other public and proprietary data.

Our products are built for discovery in the million-genome era; they already power the world’s largest genomics projects. Our Platform connects the world’s most accurate genomics tools and most usable data, on the most efficient infrastructure, to let global research teams operate on their data at industrial scale. We offer hundreds of curated analytic applications, fully portable workflows (via the Common Workflow Language), and immediate access to some of the world’s richest data sets.

Our team partners with yours to help you get the most from your data-driven projects. Our growing staff includes more than 285 geneticists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists and engineers with deep expertise in DNA and RNA sequencing, cancer research, data science, and advanced algorithm development. We work closely with your organization at all levels to maximize the returns from your data-driven projects.