Seven Bridges Unlocks Population-Scale Clinico-Genomic Data for Accelerated Drug Discovery With Commercial Launch of ARIA™

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Seven Bridges Unlocks Population-Scale Clinico-Genomic Data for Accelerated Drug Discovery With Commercial Launch of ARIA™

ARIA improves the precision, breadth and rate of discovery of meaningful connections between genetics and health outcomes at the 1M+ participant scale

BOSTONOctober 21, 2021 – PRNewswire  Seven Bridges, the industry-leading bioinformatics ecosystem provider, today announced that ARIA™, the company’s powerful cloud-based solution to help researchers integrate and analyze complex sets of genomic data at the population level, is now available broadly to North American and European biopharmaceutical companies that are looking to advance drug development. Since the initial announcement of ARIA in February 2020, Seven Bridges has partnered with research institutes and commercial agencies, using ARIA to drive insights from data at the million-participants scale and above. Results from these pilot programs have demonstrated that ARIA can accelerate the speed to insights through a broad set of dynamic capabilities, including support for a wide variety of rich data models and integrations and user-configurable dashboards, as well as the reduction of query times. Today, Seven Bridges is pleased to offer ARIA for biopharmaceutical and clinical researchers to improve and accelerate discovery of outcomes using clinical and genomics data at population scale.

“ARIA provides a comprehensive solution to meet the challenges of the million genome era to improve the precision, breadth and rate of discovery of meaningful connections between genetics and health outcomes,” said Brandi Davis-Dusenbery, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Seven Bridges. “ARIA’s customizable modules provide the flexibility to adapt to the unique challenges of your organization, your data and your science today — and tomorrow.”

Across the world, numerous initiatives are currently underway to collect massive repositories of genomic and phenotypic data. These data have the potential to reveal transformative insights into the underpinnings of disease, novel therapeutic approaches and in silico disease models. However, current technologies are ill-equipped to effectively handle the scale, complexity and disparate modalities of data being generated by these initiatives. Researchers find themselves spending a disproportionate amount of time preparing data for analysis and learning new methods, thereby delaying scientific insights. Petabyte-scale datasets are complex and require a significant investment in infrastructure and expertise, while harmonizing and integrating data are time-consuming and laborious due to siloed data structures and lack of standardization.

“Seven Bridges ARIA helps clients derive population-scale insights by efficiently leveraging clinico-genomic data to build cohorts, query variant information and drive downstream association and GWAS analyses,” said Jack DiGiovanna, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Director of Programs at Seven Bridges. “ARIA remains both flexible and highly performant even as data scales towards 1M subjects; this facilitates rapid time to insights and greater efficiency all while remaining connected to an organization’s data and analytics ecosystem.”

Leveraging ARIA, users of a leading research institution saw performance improvements such as reduced data ingestion time from 4 weeks to 7 hours and decreased query time from 12 hours to 60 seconds. ARIA users have seen superior performance in designing complex case and control cohorts for GWAS analyses, with results in as little as 30 seconds.

One Seven Bridges partner, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN), is pioneering new clinical trials methods to improve outcomes for pancreatic cancer, but the process can be arduous. PanCAN’s global community of researchers — with a broad range of scientific and informatics expertise — required an easy way to discover, explore and build cohorts from diverse, rich clinical and molecular datasets and subsequently perform downstream analysis in a secure environment to understand predictors of response.

“We are in a race against time to find better therapies so that all patients with pancreatic cancer have the opportunity to thrive, and we are confident that large-scale, multi-omics projects will provide us the data that will speed progress,” said Sudheer Doss, Ph.D., PanCAN’s Chief Business Officer and Head of Patient Health Data. “Our research platform, SPARK, features a custom interface that was purpose-built to the needs of our researchers and supports our rich data models and data integrations. This interface was built on top of ARIA, and we are grateful for the exploration and search capabilities it provides for SPARK users.”

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