Seven Bridges Announces Transformative Solution for Analyzing Genomic and Phenotypic Data to Accelerate Novel Drug Development

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Seven Bridges Announces Transformative Solution for Analyzing Genomic and Phenotypic Data to Accelerate Novel Drug Development

Seven Bridges ARIA™ Will Support Research Projects at the 1M+ Participant Scale

BOSTON, February 25, 2020 — Seven Bridges, the industry-leading bioinformatics ecosystem provider, today announced Seven Bridges ARIA, the first cloud-based solution aimed at improving and accelerating the discovery of meaningful connections between genomics, health data and biological knowledge at the 1M+ participant scale. By connecting genetics and health outcomes at this scale, researchers at leading pharmaceutical organizations will be able to speed discovery in areas such as: 

  • Classic and precision drug targets
  • Molecularly-targeted populations to increase drug efficiency and reduce side effects
  • Biomarkers that can be used to enable disease prevention
  • In silico exploration of the impact of inactivating a gene

Across the world numerous initiatives are currently underway to collect massive repositories of genomic and phenotypic data. These data have the potential to reveal transformative insights into the underpinnings of disease, novel therapeutic approaches and in silico disease models. However, current technologies are ill-equipped to effectively handle the scale, complexity and disparate modalities of data being generated by these initiatives. 

“Seven Bridges scientists and bioinformaticians have worked closely with researchers to help them interrogate massive datasets to better understand the links between genomic data and health outcomes. We’re designing ARIA to make it faster and easier for researchers to ask important questions instead of losing time performing organization and orchestration of petabyte-scale datasets,” said Brandi Davis-Dusenbery, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Seven Bridges. “Given the ability to connect diverse data modalities as well as researchers with diverse areas of expertise, ARIA will enable researchers to turn today’s science into tomorrow’s medicine.” 

ARIA is comprised of three core components in order to minimize time-to-insight, enable scalability and offer customization requirements based on a client’s needs. The three core components include: 

  1. Phenotype information will be stored in a flexible and dynamic manner, allowing rapid exploration and selection of cohorts based on complex, compound variables. A suite of ETL processes allows ready data ingestion and semi-automated data harmonization across different studies.
  2. A variant data warehouse with a standard schema allows performant queries of whole genome data at scale to support aggregated visualizations and reports, direct programmatic interaction and export to standard formats for further analysis. Schema standardization lays the groundwork for interoperability of genomic data housed in diverse geographical regions or between multiple entities. Importantly, individual-level permissions ensure strict data access compliance and dynamic scaling provides cost control. 
  3. A robust framework for interpreting and integrating genetic variation in the context of hundreds of annotation sources, including the possibility to incorporate custom annotations and biological knowledge to refine hypotheses. 

In addition to enabling bioinformaticians to rapidly build complex models and deep analytics, ARIA will provide the ability to develop rich visualizations to help both data analysts and domain experts collaborate to uncover the potential of massive, multidimensional data housed across geographies. 

“ARIA enables our research partners to better understand the interplay between genomics and health outcomes and showcases our continued commitment to providing researchers with transformative applications in order to reduce the time, cost and risk associated with bringing new products to market,” commented Bill Moss, CEO, Seven Bridges. “Looking forward, the capabilities of ARIA set the stage for an impactful application of AI/Machine Learning to further accelerate breakthroughs and ultimately improve health outcomes for patients all over the world.”

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