Seven Bridges is the biomedical data analysis company accelerating breakthroughs in genomics research for cancer, drug development and precision medicine. We build self-improving systems to analyze millions of genomes, including the Graph Genome Suite — the most advanced population genomics tools in the world.

A powerful genomic data structure

The Graph Genome Suite is powered by a directed acyclic graph-based data structure which represents a fundamental rethinking of the genomic variations that impact health. Unlike standard linear references, this structure makes use of information from an entire population to characterize genetic variants with unprecedented accuracy. Our tools learn from every new person sequenced, meaning that the graph-based reference improves with each additional genome. Better still, this improvement happens with only minimal increases in file size, allowing analysis at a previously impossible scale.

 graphill-1pgr_population_graphBuilding a population graph. Unlike a standard linear reference genome, our tools construct reference graphs based on the genomes of a whole population.

Better variant calling for better discovery

The Graph Genome Suite has been developed in conjunction with Genomics England to support the UK Government’s pioneering 100,000 Genomes Project. It enables the most accurate variant calling in the world today, across all classes of variation including large structural variants that are difficult to identify using other aligners. These highly accurate variants enable the best possible basic and clinical genomics research in humans and other organisms, including personalized cancer analyses, family trio studies, and sublineage mapping of important viruses.


Tracing an individual on a population graph. The genome of any individual can be represented as a path through the graph, which allows the identification of variants not captured by a linear reference, based on comparison against all the variants present in the population.

Driving innovative genomics research

Seven Bridges granted early access to the Graph Genome Suite to three of the world’s leading research institutions: the US National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory, Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Center, and the Sidra Medical and Research Center of Qatar. Our scientists work with researchers at these institutions to deliver insights into infectious disease characterization, personalized cancer medicine, and human population genomics.

Seven Bridges Platform licensees can deploy our Graph Genome aligner as part of our whole genome analysis workflow and will have priority access to our graph-based variant caller, genotyper, and visualizations, which represent the most advanced population genomics tools available today.