Seven Bridges simplifies the logistics of distributed bioinformatics.

The Seven Bridges Platform is a cloud-based environment for conducting bioinformatic analyses. It is a central hub for teams to store, analyze, and jointly interpret their bioinformatic data. The Platform co-locates analysis pipelines alongside the largest genomic datasets to optimize processing. It allocates storage and compute resources on demand, to meet the needs of ever-growing analyses.

Research consortia use the Platform for collaborative bioinformatics. Since all the tools needed for research are housed on the cloud, international collaboration is easy: researchers in any location can conduct analyses and access data. By centralizing all pipelines and data on the Platform, every analysis conforms to a consortium’s standard operating procedures.

Seven Bridges also brings down the costs of research. Consortia using the Platform spend their funding on the computation and storage resources they need rather than hardware that will be discarded at a project’s conclusion.

Get straight to work with collaborators

The Seven Bridges Platform is designed to make work among multiple investigators across global locations as easy as if everyone were in the same lab. Work on the Platform is structured into projects with designated funding sources, resources, and project members – each of whom can be assigned a controlled configuration of privileges to read, write, and generate data. This means that when a consortia uses the Platform, its members can choose to share data, software, methods, and most importantly, results.

However, project leaders retain full control over data access and how funding is used.

Built-in security and compliance

The Seven Bridges Platform is designed to secure research data. Data is encrypted at rest, both in storage and computation, with AES-256. It is encrypted in transit using an industry-standard TLS protocol, with high security configuration enabled.

Seven Bridges treats all data as though it were protected, personal health information. As such, the Platform is fully compliant with HIPAA amongst other compliance frameworks. Additionally, Seven Bridges includes model contract clauses to support the transfer of data between the EU and US.

Seven Bridges is the only commercial organization to receive Trusted Partner status from the National Institutes of Health, which means that for projects like the Cancer Genomics Cloud it can authenticate access to and distribute the controlled TCGA data from the Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP).

To meet strict requirements on where your data is hosted, the Platform can be deployed and run locally, rather than its standard implementation on the cloud.

For more information, see our pages on Security and Compliance.


The Platform integrates with laboratory technologies, including sequencers and LIMS, to unify data collected globally. Using the flexible SDK and API, third-party software can be installed on the Platform, and all procedures can be automated for seamless end-to-end data analysis.

Transparent pricing

Seven Bridges buys compute and storage resources on the cloud and passes on the cost with no markup. This way, consortia only pay for what they use, benefiting from our discounted bulk purchase rates. Seven Bridges also provides low-cost archive storage for data not currently in use.


Seven Bridges maintains the latest versions of gold standard pipelines so that your research benefits from the best new tools. Our interdisciplinary team of engineers, data scientists, and bioinformaticians provide responsive technical support and work with each client to optimize the platform for their needs.

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