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Festival of Genomics – See you in San Mateo

The Seven Bridges team is headed to the Festival of Genomics in California Nov 3-5. If you’re participating, here are a few items from our To Do List and the festival week at a glance: Portable BioInformatics Workflows Workshop 9am Tues, Nov 3 – Gaurav Kaushik kicks off a workshop …

Written by Edward Hancock

Postcard from ASHG 2015

Predictions are a risky business. Advances in genome and genetic research – and some implications – were on display at this year’s American Society of Human Genetics conference (#ASHG15) with insights into the genome-based future of research and medicine. The Baltimore gathering showed how the massive volume of genome sequencing …

Written by Edward Hancock

From ASHG 2015, Dr. Wan-Ping Lee on a better read mapping graph

Last call #ASHG15. If bioinformatics and a better graph-based genome is your area of interest, you’ll want to meet Dr. Wan-Ping Lee of Seven Bridges Genomics at 3pm Friday 10/9 in Room 316. Here’s a brief introduction: Current short-read mapping algorithms utilize species-specific genome reference sequences to align reads from …

Written by Edward Hancock

On our way to ASHG!

Today, 10 excited members of the SGB team are on their way to (hopefully) sunny San Diego for this year’s American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) meeting. With so many great presentations and sessions scheduled, it is sure to be a fantastic year for science at ASHG. It might be …

Written by zeynep

Join us at Beyond the Genome 2014!!

We are looking forward to seeing you at this year’s Beyond the Genome conference at Harvard Medical School from October 8-10! Attending Beyond the Genome is always a highlight for us, but this year we are particularly excited to share news about our efforts supporting cancer genomics research in the cloud. …

Written by brandi

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health – Meeting Notes

On March 4th, over 200 experts in genomics, healthcare, biomedical research, bioinformatics, ethics, and patient advocacy converged on London. Their destination: The Wellcome Trust at 215 Euston Rd, host of the first meetup of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. As a partner of the alliance, we were thrilled …

Written by Edward Hancock

Seven Bridges talks genomics with MongoDB and AstraZeneca

  Our CEO, Deniz Kural, recently joined Jason Tetrault, Architect at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, for a panel discussion of topics in genomics and pharmaceuticals in an event hosted by MongoDB. Before the panel, Jason gave what he described as a “fairly inaccurate overview of genetics processing” from the sequencer to the …

Written by carol

Microsoft Research CABI 2013

This Monday we went to Microsoft’s beautiful NERD building for Microsoft Research’s 2013 conference in Computational Aspects of Biological Information (CABI). The pastries were good and the presentations were even better. Jim Collins spoke about implementing flip-flops in bacteria, and about the prospects of biocomputation more generally; Pardis Sabeti discussed …

Written by Nate

American Society for Human Genetics 2012

We will be in San Francisco for the annual meeting of the American Society for Human Genetics next week, Nov. 6 – 10. Stop by our booth 1204, say hello, and pick up a copy of our latest pipeline comparisons for exome variant calling. See you in San Francisco!

Written by Nate

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