The Cancer Genomics Cloud: collaborative, reproducible, democratized (and now citable!)

Cancer Genomics Cloud
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The Cancer Genomics Cloud: collaborative, reproducible, democratized (and now citable!)

Publishing the Cancer Genomics Cloud

Last week we published our paper The Cancer Genomics Cloud: Collaborative, Reproducible, and Democratized—A New Paradigm in Large-Scale Computational Research in Cancer Research as part of their special issue on computer resources. Congratulations to everyone who’s worked on the Cancer Genomics Cloud, and many many thanks to the team at the NCI who’ve supported the project, and to the researchers who’ve tested and helped improve the platform. We’re thrilled to now be able to offer a citable paper that researchers can use for grant applications and their own articles.

If you’re new to the Cancer Genomics Cloud, or just want a refresher, we’ve prepared a short overview video to accompany the article:

If you’re interested in the future of computational resources for cancer research, please feel free to explore our paper, and check out the rest of the journal’s special issue.

Developing an NCI Cloud Resource

Since we launched the Cancer Genomics Cloud in early 2016, it has provided hundreds of cancer researchers with access to genomic data, elastic compute, and analytic tools and workflows. Recognizing the value the cancer genomics cloud pilots bring to the research community, the NCI this summer announced their transition to ongoing Cloud Resources, ensuring the cancer research community can continue to use these resources into the future.

This transition is one of a series of initiatives to create an NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (NCRDC), with the goal of developing an infrastructure to support a National Cancer Data Ecosystem—identified as a key need by the Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel. At Seven Bridges we’re delighted to be supporting the NCI as they help to develop such an ecosystem, providing components that allow access to and sharing of consistent and harmonized cancer research data.

To get started visit where you can register for an account and begin to work with some of the world’s richest cancer data.


Cancer Genomics Cloud article

The Cancer Genomics Cloud: collaborative, reproducible, and democratized—a new paradigm in large-scale computational research

Lau JW, Lehnert E, Sethi A, Malhotra R, Kaushik G, Onder Z, Groves-Kirkby N, Mihajlovic A, DiGiovanna J, Srdic M, Bajcic D, Radenkovic J, Mladenovic V, Krstanovic D, Arsenijevic V, Klisic D, Mitrovic M, Bogicevic I, Kural D, Davis-Dusenbery B; for The Seven Bridges CGC Team

Cancer Research (2017) 77 (21): e3–6. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-17-0387