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Release note

Spot Instances enabled by default on project creation

In order to promote execution cost optimization, Spot Instances are now enabled by default when creating a new project through the visual interface or the API, unless you have specifically set otherwise. This setting can later be changed from the project settings page, or overridden per task on the draft task page. Learn more about Spot Instances on the Platform.

NewSupport for asynchronous bulk actions through the API

As a part of adding full support for folders and improving scalability, we have introduced asynchronous file system actions through the API. Currently supported actions are copy and delete, and these are enabled for both files and folders. There are five new API endpoints for async bulk actions which can be used for issuing copy and delete commands and for getting job statuses. This enables the following API actions which weren’t possible before:

  • Copy folder (along with the files it contains and the underlying folder structure)
  • Bulk copy of files and folders into different paths (project root or specific folder inside the project)
  • Delete non-empty folder

Learn more from our documentation.

ImprovementsImproved layout of the draft task page

In order to streamline the preparation process for task execution, both file inputs and app settings will now be available as two columns under the same tab named Task Inputs on the draft task page. Spot Instance configuration will be moved to the second tab on the draft task page, named Execution Settings. This tab will also serve as the central and unique location for all settings related to task execution that will be added in the future.

ImprovementsSecurity enhancements

In order to enhance our comprehensive security framework and provide our enterprise customers with additional options for securing their data and analyses on the Seven Bridges Platform, we are introducing the following security enhancements:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Shorter idle session logout time

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) significantly decreases the risk of compromising user accounts. It is an additional layer of protection beyond your password and combines something you already know (password) with something you have (mobile phone). You will have the option to use your email or an authentication app as the second step in the authentication procedure, or use backup codes if the preferred authentication method is not available. We also offer the popular “remember me on this computer” option that increases the usability of this security feature, as you will not be asked for the second factor on a specific computer during a specific time period. Moreover, in case of problems with the login procedure, there will be an option to contact support directly from the login screen. Learn more about MFA from User documentation and Administrator documentation.

We also enable the enterprise administrator to:

  • Define whether multi-factor is forced on all users in an enterprise
  • Define whether the “remember me on this computer” option is available, as well as the number of days after which the user will be asked for the second factor again.

Shorter idle session logout time

We have reduced default idle session logout time to 1 hour on the Seven Bridges Platform (both USA and EU installations), thus enabling our enterprise customers to be compliant with the required security standards. This means that users who have been inactive for the defined period of time will be logged out. This will affect all Platform users.

Single sign-on

We would also like to remind you of our Single sign-on solution, which enables our enterprise users to integrate their own SAML-based single sign-on solution with the Platform. If you are an enterprise user, this way you can improve your security by minimizing the number of logins you need to manage for your users and re-use already existing security infrastructure, together with improving user experience. If you wish to set this up, feel free to contact our support.