Release note

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Release note

Recently published apps

We published the following ASCAT 3.1.2 tools in our Public Apps gallery:

  • ASCAT prepareTargetedSeq prepares SNP references for ASCAT processing of targeted sequencing data. 
  • ASCAT prepareHTS prepares sequencing data (WGS, WES or targeted) for ASCATASCAT infers tumor ploidy, purity and allele-specific copy number profiles.

Recently updated apps

We updated the following apps from the MSIsensor v0.6 toolkit:

  • MSIsensor scan – a tool for cataloging homopolymers and miscrosatelites sites in the reference genome. It prepares reference for MSIsensor msi.

  • MSIsensor msi – a tool for somatic microsatellite changes detecting and scoring. Designed to work with paired tumor-normal data.