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Release note

AlphaFold Visualizer – new public project on the Seven Bridges Platform

We published the AlphaFold Visualizer (v0.1.5) as a public project on the Seven Bridges Platform containing an interactive analysis for the visualization of AlphaFold results. AlphaFold is an AI tool for 3D protein structure prediction. As it produces protein structure models as its output, a secondary analysis is needed for the interpretation and visualization of results. This analysis must be interactive, so it has been developed as the Data Studio AlphaFold Visualizer analysis and it represents a great addition to the publicly available app.

Recently published apps

We have also published new workflows for processing Nanopore data:

  • ONT Flowcell Processing  aligns (Minimap2), sorts (Samtools) and quality checks (NanoPlot, Samtools Flagstat, Mosdepth, GATK ComputeLongReadMetrics) input Nanopore data from a single flowcell.
  • ONT WGS Variant Calling – merges (Sambamba), calls variants (Clair3, Sniffles2) and quality checks (Mosdepth, NanoPlot) input BAM files from Nanopore data.