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Release note

DRS import available on the Seven Bridges Platform

With the introduction of DRS import on the Seven Bridges Platform, you are now able to import files from either external sources or the Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC). This also presents a significant improvement to data interoperability, as CGC users who have adequate authorizations can now successfully access CGC datasets from the Platform using DRS import. Imported files can then be used as any other file on the Platform.

Learn more about DRS import.

Recently published apps

We have published the following apps in our Public Apps gallery:

  • VEP Slivar Trios Rare Diseases Analysis with VEP 109.3 version and Slivar 0.3.0 version inside. This analysis is used for preprocessing and analyzing variants from related individuals (trios or families; WES or WGS).
  • STAR-Fusion (v1.12.0), an app that uses the STAR aligner to identify candidate fusion transcripts supported by Illumina reads.
  • STAR-Fusion Build FusionFilter Dataset (v1.12.0) that creates the required CTAT genome lib archive for STAR-Fusion execution.
  • Cutadapt (v4.4), an app most commonly used for removing adapter sequences. It finds and removes adapter sequences, primers, poly-A tails and other types of unwanted sequences from high-throughput sequencing reads.
  • Seven tools from the Kalisto 0.48.0 toolkit:
    • kallisto quant computes equivalence classes for reads and quantifies transcript abundances from RNA-Seq data.
    • kallisto quant-tcc runs the EM algorithm on a supplied TCC matrix file to make transcript-level estimates.
    • kallisto bus produces BUS (Barcode-UMI-Set format) output files from single-cell RNA Seq datasets.
    • kallisto merge merges the results of several batches obtained by kallisto pseudo.
    • kallisto h5dump converts HDF-5-formatted results to plaintext.
    • kallisto index builds an index from a transcriptome FASTA formatted file of target sequences.
    • kallisto inspect outputs the target de Bruijn Graph from the kallisto index file in different file formats.