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Release note

Seven Bridges Sonar

Seven Bridges Sonar is a novel platform which allows users to rapidly explore and answer questions spanning genomic and phenomic dimensions and learn from data as it accumulates. On Monday, Dec. 19, we are releasing the Advanced Access (AA) version of Sonar. This is a mix of fully-functional software and clickable mocks.

Task Execution: documentation update

Check out our new documentation on advanced methods to optimize analysis cost and execution time. Learn more about the following:

  • Correctly set a tool’s CPU and memory requirements as you create or port tools to the Platform
  • Parallelize critical tools to help the Platform select the right instance for the job as you develop workflows.

Used correctly, these techniques help accelerate your workflows and lower their cost.

Use manifest files to set metadata in the Seven Bridges Uploader

Use a manifest file to upload large batches of files along with their metadata in the Seven Bridges Uploader. This is similar to the functionality already present in the Command Line Uploader. Learn more from our documentation.

Filter by and set custom metadata

Custom metadata fields are visible via the visual interface. You can set the values for these fields from the Files tab of your project or from that individual file’s page. Use these custom metadata fields for filtering alongside of preset fields. Note that you cannot create new metadata fields on the visual interface. However, you can create custom metadata fields using the API.