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Release note

Recently published apps

We have published six tools from the BEDTools 2.30.0 toolkit:

  • BEDTools Coverage – returns the depth and breadth of coverage of features from B on the intervals in A.
  • BEDTools Genomecov – computes histograms of feature coverage for a given genome.
  • BEDTools GetFasta – extracts sequences from a FASTA file for each of the intervals defined in a BED/GFF/VCF file.
  • BEDTools Intersect – screens for overlaps between two sets of genomic features.
  • BEDTools Merge – combines overlapping or “book-ended” features in an interval file into a single feature.
  • BEDTools Sort – sorts a feature file by chromosome and other criteria.

We have also published the Functional Equivalence Evaluation workflow for comparing the functional equivalence of different WGS/WES processing analyses. Functional Equivalence Evaluation workflow is used to establish if the results can be used together (compared, merged) in downstream analyses (common scenario with large, multi-center sequencing studies where different institutions use their own analysis protocols) or considered equally valid for drawing conclusions.