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Release note

Disabled accounts can now be reactivated in a snap

Accounts that are locked or disabled due to inactivity can now be automatically reactivated by their owners. A new, streamlined flow allows you to initialize the process by sending a reactivation email to your email address after logging in with your last used credentials. By clicking the link in the email and setting a new password on the platform, you will have unrestricted access to your account and data again.

Recently published apps

We have just published and updated our public apps gallery with:

  • GATK VariantEval BETA, a tool which is used for evaluating variant calls.
  • GATK FilterMutectCalls, a tool which is used to filter somatic SNVs and indels called by Mutect2.
  • Picard CreateSequenceDictionary 2.25.7, a tool for creating a DICT index file for a sequence.
  • WARP ExomeGermlineSingleSample 2.4.4, a pipeline for data pre-processing and variant calling in human WES data.