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Release note

ImprovementsRHEO – improved scaling and more elastic execution infrastructure

We have improved our automation execution infrastructure by enabling it to scale up its compute capacity automatically when there is an increased workload and a need for new automation runs to be initialized. In addition, we have introduced a limit of 30 parallel automation runs per Division as a measure of precaution to ensure proper use of the elastic automation execution service. Executions that require more than 30 parallel runs are still absolutely possible, as the limit can be increased if there is an actual need for more capacity. Please contact for more details.

AWS i3 instances available on all environments

With this update you can use the newest Amazon EC2 I3 instances designed for data-intensive, high transaction, low latency workloads, offering the best price per I/O performance (I3) and the lowest price per GB of SSD instance storage on Amazon EC2 (I3en).

The following instances have been added:

  • i3.large
  • i3.xlarge
  • i3.2xlarge
  • i3.4xlarge
  • i3.8xlarge
  • i3.16xlarge
  • i3en.large
  • i3en.xlarge
  • i3en.2xlarge
  • i3en.3xlarge
  • i3en.6xlarge
  • i3en.12xlarge
  • i3en.24xlarge

Learn more about supported AWS instance types.

Recently published apps

We have published GATK RNAseq short variant discovery workflow, which represents a CWL implementation of the official GATK best practices workflow given in WDL for RNASeq variant discovery. Starting from an unmapped BAM file, the workflow performs alignment to the reference genome, followed by marking of duplicates, reassigning of mapping qualities, base recalibration, variant calling, and variant filtering.