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Release note

SBFS support for macFUSE 4.x

SBFS is a command-line tool which enables interaction with Platform project files that are mounted as a local file system. In order to use SBFS, it is necessary to have the FUSE component installed. While FUSE is a part of the Linux kernel, on macOS it is necessary to install FUSE for macOS (which is now called macFUSE) and we are now adding support for macFUSE version 4.x (macFUSE 4.0.0 was released in October 2020, and that is when the name was changed from “FUSE for macOS” to “macFUSE”, while its latest version is macFUSE 4.2.4). Please note that SBFS is available as a BETA tool. Also, it’s not available for the Windows operating system, but only for Linux and macOS.

Data throughput usage dashboard now available for Enterprise

As an Enterprise Administrator or Division Administrator, you are able to review the data throughput either for the whole Enterprise or for individual divisions and for the desired time interval (e.g. weeks or months or the whole year). Files used in tasks, files used in Data Cruncher analyses and data downloads are included in the Data Throughput calculation.

As of January 1st 2022, Data Throughput only takes into account files that are used by the tools in a task (as opposed to files set as inputs to a task). Furthermore, data downloaded from the Internet by tasks and Data Cruncher analyses is also included in the calculation. Learn more about reviewing Enterprise data throughput.