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Release note

Memoization (WorkReuse) – Stable Release

With this release, Memoization (WorkReuse) is now officially stable and is no longer in the BETA stage.

Furthermore, for CWL 1.1 apps, you can now also disable the reuse mechanism on the tool level, using the CWL v1.1 WorkReuse feature. For specifics on which tools this mechanism should be disabled, please refer to our Memoization documentation.

ImprovementsSeven Bridges Command Line Interface Improvements

This release improves the Seven Bridges Command Line Interface (SB CLI) by adding the new troubleshoot command that provides a convenient way for you to include all relevant log information when reporting a problem with the SB CLI. The command generates a local debug file which, once generated, should be sent to the Seven Bridges Support Team. The file will contain relevant information that should help Seven Bridges engineers identify the problem. Also, the SB CLI executable is now signed with the Seven Bridges certificate.