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Release note

ImprovementsTask validation allows additional characters in file names

We updated task validation to allow ~ (tilde) and # (hash) characters in input file names. When executing tasks on the Platform, you will be able to use input files containing those characters in their names.

Recently published apps

The following additions were made to the Public Apps Gallery:

  • FastQC was updated to CWL1.0 and had it’s version bumped as well to the latest one.
  • The seq2HLA tool was published in CWL1.0 as well. This tool does HLA typing from RNA-Seq data.
  • Sleuth 0.30.0 was published in CWL1.0. This tool does differential expression analysis with results coming in from any of our favorite pseudoaligners (i.e. Salmon or Kallisto). The tool is wrapped in accordance with our existing differential expression tools (like DESeq2), so the user experience should be similar.
  • Kallisto/Salmon Sleuth workflow was published, as a CWL1.0 app as well. This workflow is meant to provide end-to-end read quantification + differential expression solution, starting from FASTQ files and generating a differential expression report with Sleuth. The FASTQs are processed beforehand with either Kallisto or Salmon (as chosen), allowing for ultra-fast transcript quantification, so that Sleuth analysis can proceed in the fastest time possible.