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Release note

ImprovementsDocker repository management improvements

With this release of Docker Repository Management improvements, we provide our users with a better user interface, as well as additional functionalities. The new Docker registry section under the Developer tab is introduced to:

  • Provide more details on Docker images, such as tag, size, image ID, SHA digest, time of last update.
  • Provide logs for all push and delete actions over a repository.
  • Provide example command lines for docker login, push and pull commands.
  • Allow users to delete a Docker repository or delete an image by tag.
  • Allow users to manage Docker repository membership and permission level.
  • Allow users to create new empty repositories. This means that users can now create a Docker repository and mark it as private before pushing any content (images) to the repository.

Additionally, we changed the default privacy setting for Docker repositories to private. This change will only affect newly created repositories (when images are pushed for the first time to a non-existing repository). Privacy settings for existing Docker repositories remain the same as before.

For non-division users:

This release also introduces more strict repository naming. Users were previously allowed to push images under their username, but also to replace the “.” character with the “_” character and vice versa. Starting with this release, naming of the docker repositories must be concordant with usernames. Existing Docker images will, of course, be preserved in order to keep the functionality of existing workflows. For example: My username is rosalind.franklin and I want to push an ubuntu image. I will name my docker repository