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Release note

New and improved API calls for user management

You will be able to use new and improved API calls for enterprise users that enable you to:

  1. List all users from a division with filtering based on the role field,
  2. Get role information for a user in a division,
  3. List all teams, not only the ones you are a member of.

The changes will enable you to create various API scripts to answer questions like:

  • Who has access to what?
  • How much money was spent on compute per team?
  • Do I have some external collaborators on my enterprise that I forgot about?

Some examples utilizing the sevenbridges-python API client:

import sevenbridges as sb
from sevenbridges import DivisionRole
config = sb.Config(profile='default')
api = sb.Api(config=config)
DIVISION = 'my-division'
# Basic stuff - who am I ?
me =
# First new feature - identify user role via
print (me.username,,me.role)
# Second new feature - List users from a division
users = api.users.query(division=DIVISION).all()
for u in users:
# Third new feature - filter when listing users from division by role
admins = api.users.query(division=DIVISION,role=DivisionRole.ADMIN).all()
for admin in admins:
# Fourth new feature - list all teams
all_teams = api.teams.query(division=DIVISION,list_all=True)
for t in all_teams:
    teams = api.teams.query().all()

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