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Release note

NewSeven Bridges Automation Tools and Services

The new Seven Bridges Automation Tools and Services enable biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies to increase productivity by bringing a diverse set of users into one environment. Scripts written with the Python Automation Development Kit (ADK) automatically gain concurrency, dependency management, memoization, retries, execution logs, and much more, enabling developers to focus on business logic and ultimately, reduce their lines of code by up to 80%. Within the same environment, end users are now able to process complex analysis workflows with the push of a button, share results instantly, and achieve total reproducibility.

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Supported instances update

You can now use next generation AWS Memory Optimized instances (R5) in task executions and Data Cruncher analyses. R5 instances support the high memory requirements of certain applications to increase performance and reduce latency.

Learn more about supported instance types.