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Release note

NewSeven Bridges command line interface

We are rolling out the release of Seven Bridges Command Line Interface (version 0.5.0) which will make our public API accessible through the command line as well.

You can use the SB CLI to leverage the functionalities of our API to interact with the Platform. You can also automate your interaction with the Platform by using the SB CLI in scripts or programs.

SB CLI is available for Linux, macOS, Windows, and FreeBSD.

Learn more from our documentation. Or, consult the CLI reference.

ImprovementsOne second billing

We’ve switched billing for AWS EC2/EBS as well as Google instances to 1 second increments. Change will also take effect on EU platform. There is also 1 minute minimum charge per-instance. Prices in pricing plans will remain the same (per hour) but will be billed per second. Learn more from our documentation.