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Release note

NewElastic Block Storage customization feature


On August 1, we released a feature that provides you with the ability to customize the amount of Elastic Block Storage (EBS) disk space attached to different Amazon instance configurations. EBS customization is useful for bioinformatics workflows because it provides the ability to optimize your computation by giving you greater control over requirements and costs.

To learn more about EBS customization, please see our documentation.

Passing through EBS charges from AWS

Along with the introduction of EBS customization, there will be changes in the way that you are billed for Elastic Block Storage and Amazon Web Services (AWS) costs on the Platform. Starting on August 1, you will see an additional charge on the task overview page and your bill when you use EBS disk space. Information about the instance and EBS usage cost is available on the tooltip on the task overview page, next to the total price. Before August 1, you will see a $0 charge for attached disk space.

Why will I be charged more when I use EBS disk space?

When AWS introduced EBS they changed their pricing structure to charge separately for the compute and storage. AWS charges ~$0.10 per GB*h/month for EBS disk space. Up to now, Seven Bridges has paid costs for EBS usage on your behalf, however starting on August 1, along with the capability to fully customize EBS, we will begin passing through EBS costs. Our policy is to to be completely transparent around your AWS charges and to not charge a premium to access AWS services through the Platform.

Check out our documentation for more information on EBS charging.