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Release note

NewExport to Volumes: Copy-only parameter

We’ve added an Advance Access copy-only parameter to the Start an Export job request for Volumes. This means that, while it is fully operational, it is subject to change. If this parameter, copy_only, is set to true, the specified file will be copied to a volume but the source file will remain on the Platform. Learn more from our documentation.

ImprovementsInteractive Analysis improvements

The Seven Bridges Platform features interactive visualization toolkits to help you interpret the results of analyses on the Platform and to assess the quality of the data obtained. We’ve reorganized the Interactive Analysis space into a dashboard which displays all available apps as well as the number of files from your analysis which can be viewed with each app. Easily switch between apps using the app switcher feature in the app’s header. Collaboration is also easier than ever: share exactly what you see in an app via the URL in the navigation bar. Collaborators can follow the URL to see the exact files you’re working on and the same displays you see.

Currently available apps include the Genome Browser and VCF Benchmarking. Learn more about these apps below.

VCF Benchmarking

Use the VCF Benchmarking app to benchmark a set of variant calls. Select and open multiple .bench_sqlite report files from the File browser page in your project. Then, continue to the VCF Benchmarking app to see selected files, including all values and a chart for each of the reports. This makes it possible to compare multiple files.

Genome Browser

The Genome Browser is our in-house genome browser for exploring alignment files. We’ve improved the Genome Browser to behave like an app in the Interactive Analysis space. Core functions remain the same.