Seven Bridges Genomics UK to receive £1.95 Million to launch Graph Genome

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Seven Bridges Genomics UK to receive £1.95 Million to launch Graph Genome

London-based team builds self-improving tools to understand human genomes

LONDON–March 11, 2015–Seven Bridges Genomics UK, Ltd. today announced it will receive approximately £1.95 million to complete and launch the world’s first functional Graph Genome reference and suite of related tools, thanks to a Small Business Research Initiative grant from the UK Department of Health and Genomics England.

The Graph Genome is a revolutionary tool to store and analyze genetic information.  It allows researchers and clinicians to analyze large sets of human genomes faster and more cheaply than before, and includes a self-improving algorithm that makes each analysis more accurate than the last. Additionally, Graph Genomes can completely anonymize a patient’s genetic data while retaining vital information for research and interpretation.

The Graph Genome will be how scientists deliver population genetic data, and thus precision medicine, to the clinic by allowing comparison of patient genomes to the population at large.

“The commercial availability of the Graph Genome and associated tools will be a step-change in how the world understands the fundamental building blocks of life,” said Deniz Kural, CEO.  “Seven Bridges UK is bringing accuracy, privacy, speed, and data quality improvements to researchers, clinicians, and eventually patients around the world.”

Coupled with building the world’s first population-scale graph reference genome, the London-based team is launching a full suite of tools that allow researchers to use it. They include a graph aligner, branch genotyper and local assembler, graph database, genome browser, and disease-focused applications.

All these tools will also run on the Seven Bridges Platform, the trusted cloud-based bioinformatics, computation and storage suite.  It provides scalability without any capital investment and comes with the expertise of more than 100 biologists, bioinformaticians, engineers and other experts.

About Genomics England and the 100,000 Genomes Project
Genomics England, with the consent of participants and the support of the public, is creating a lasting legacy for patients, the NHS and the UK economy, through the sequencing of 100,000 genomes by 2017. It has four main aims:

  • to bring benefit to patients
  • to create an ethical and transparent programme based on consent
  • to enable new scientific discovery and medical insights
  • to kickstart the development of a UK genomics industry

Genomics England is a company owned by the Department of Health and was set up to deliver the 100,000 Genomes Project. This project will sequence 100,000 whole genomes from NHS patients by 2017. The project is focusing on patients with rare diseases, and their families, as well as patients with common cancers.

About Seven Bridges Genomics UK, Ltd.
London-based Seven Bridges Genomics UK is advancing the state of the art in bioinformatics. We work on the Graph Genome and associated bioinformatic tools that help researchers and clinicians do their genetic work faster and more accurately, and use computational resources more efficiently in the process.

About Seven Bridges Genomics
Seven Bridges Genomics builds self-improving systems to analyze millions of genomes.  The innovator at the intersection of bioinformatics and cloud computing engineering, Seven Bridges Genomics works to help researchers and clinicians scale their analyses to deliver on the promise of precision medicine and population-scale genomic understanding.

Seven Bridges Genomics also puts all its tools into the cloud, meaning there is almost no lag time between conceiving of a biological question and bringing both thousands of computers and petabytes of data to bear on the problem.

Seven Bridges Genomics is the only provider of genomics software to both the UK and US national governments.

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