Seven Bridges Genomics starts into third year of cloud platform operation with record usage

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Seven Bridges Genomics starts into third year of cloud platform operation with record usage

CAMBRIDGE, MA, UNITED STATES – Mar 28, 2014 – In February 2012, Seven Bridges Genomics ( pioneered the field of cloud-enabled genomic data analysis by publicly making available the first commercial platform of its kind. On the Seven Bridges Platform, users can upload, manage, and process Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data in a secure and scalable cloud environment, saving analysis costs and ensuring that results are obtained in a sound and reproducible fashion. During its first two years on the market, the platform has grown to feature over 200 applications and 25 best-practice workflows, supported by a user base well into the four digits.

While the first project on the Seven Bridges Platform two years ago processed only 20 GB of input data, project sizes have grown exponentially ever since.  “Recently, one single analysis on our platform required the processing of over 100 TB of input data. In the process, such a project can generate close to a Petabyte of intermediary data, of which a user may typically choose to keep about 100 TB” says Milos Popovic, Product Manager for Bioinformatics, and adds “We’re now regularly seeing throughputs beyond 1 TB per hour on the platform.” In January 2014 alone, users were storing and analyzing over 250 TB of biomedical data in active projects on the Seven Bridges Platform.

As data volumes grow even further, the key challenge in processing genomic data will be in deriving useful information from it. “Our customers choose us not just because we can provide a lot of CPU power and storage efficiently.” says Deniz Kural, Co-Founder and CEO of Seven Bridges Genomics, “Ultimately, our users expect answers to their scientific questions. That’s where expertise is key. Distinct from our engineering team, we’ve built the largest team of bioinformaticians and scientists among our peers – over 20 genomics experts, many of them with a Ph.D. – to ensure that we can truly support our customer’s research, not just their computation needs. If there’s no good algorithm or pipeline to solve a problem, we develop it.”

Building on robust  and scalable software components, Seven Bridges is anticipating the first Petabyte-scale project to appear on its platform in 2014.

About Seven Bridges Genomics

With over 80 employees in 3 locations worldwide, Seven Bridges Genomics is the leading provider of genomic data analysis as a platform and bioinformatics services. Pioneering the field, the Seven Bridges Platform was the first of its kind to be publicly available and currently offers researchers over 200 applications to advance our understanding of human genomes. Customers of Seven Bridges include research institutions around the world, core labs, sequencing service providers, biotechnology companies, and some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. For more information, please visit


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