Seven Bridges Platform Goes Global: Now Live On AWS EU (Frankfurt) Region

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Seven Bridges Platform Goes Global: Now Live On AWS EU (Frankfurt) Region

Provides Fast, Easy Way for Seven Bridges Users to Access and Analyze Data Generated in Europe, under the Protection of EU Data Protection Regulations

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., January 18, 2017Seven Bridges, the biomedical data analysis company, today announced that the Seven Bridges Platform is now live on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EU (Frankfurt) Region in Frankfurt, Germany, making it one of the first major cloud-based biomedical data analysis platforms to operate in both the U.S. and Europe. By further expanding the footprint of its powerful, cloud-based platform for biomedical data analysis on AWS, Seven Bridges is providing a faster and easier way for researchers to access and analyze data generated in Europe, and do so under the safeguards provided by Germany’s world-class data protection regime.

Further, using data centers that are physically closer to researchers accelerates data transfers, making it easier for researchers to work with extremely large datasets.

“These dual benefits — access to storage and computation that is physically closer to European R&D sites and the ability to keep data within the appropriate legal jurisdictions — are critical for global research enterprises,” said Seven Bridges Senior Vice President of Science and Product, Brandi Davis-Dusenbery, Ph.D.

Data generated in the EU can be subject to European data protection regulations making transatlantic data transfer strictly regulated. Seven Bridges now offers a simpler and faster alternative to stay compliant by making the Seven Bridges Platform available on AWS in Frankfurt. With an account on Seven Bridges in Europe, users can work securely within the EU regulatory framework, and data are stored and processed in the EU.

“AWS allows our partners and customers to retain complete control and ownership over their data, including the region in which the data is physically located, making it easy to meet regional compliance and data residency requirements,” said Brendan Bouffler, Manager of Research and Technical Computing, AWS. “By taking advantage of multiple AWS Regions, Seven Bridges is able to offer even more competitive services.”

“As an established center for pharmaceutical R&D, Europe is home to state-of-the-art research projects generating vast amounts of genomic and other biomedical data,” said James Sietstra, President of Seven Bridges. “Our objective is to give our partners access to the tools they need to both work efficiently within existing regulatory frameworks and to collaborate across borders. The future of precision medicine demands technology and infrastructure that can keep pace with the demands of data growth and the reach of global research enterprises.”

About Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges is the biomedical data analysis company accelerating breakthroughs in genomics research for cancer, drug development and precision medicine. The scalable, cloud-based Seven Bridges Platform empowers rapid, collaborative analysis of millions of genomes in concert with other forms of biomedical data. Thousands of researchers in government, biotech, pharmaceutical and academic labs use Seven Bridges, including three of the largest genomics projects in the world: U.S. National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Genomics Cloud pilot, the Million Veteran Program, and Genomics England’s 100,000 Genomes Project. As the NIH’s only commercial Trusted Partner, Seven Bridges authenticates and authorizes access to one of the world’s largest cancer genomics dataset. Named one of the world’s smartest companies by MIT Technology Review, Seven Bridges has offices in Cambridge, Mass.; Belgrade; London; Istanbul; and San Francisco.

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